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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

As the name suggests, ducted air conditioning provides heating or cooling through a system of ducts spread out all over your home or commercial space. A central unit, consisting of a condenser, compressor, and an air handling unit, is usually located in the basement, attic, or garage. It provides cool or hot air, which is then distributed throughout the building through a series of ducts and vents, providing the appropriate climate control.

Signs You Need an AC Duct Repair

The condition of your ductwork has a direct impact on air quality everywhere in your home. Although often neglected, air ducts are critical AC components. In addition to air quality issues, duct problems can cause a lot of air to be lost. You can rely on AliFahi for air duct repair, but we can only be prompt and effective if you act on signs that service is needed, such as:

  • Room-to-Room Differences in Temperature: An air leak causes uneven heating and cooling because not enough conditioned air is reaching every room. There can be a variety of causes. Debris may have collected in ducts, blocking air flow, or there may be a hole, tear, or crack. Loose joints can also be a cause. A vent could be closed or blocked, or there may be undersized or not enough return vents.
  • Strange Noises: If you turn on your air conditioner or heater, and hear popping, banging, or booming sounds, a ductwork problem is likely. Excess air pressure is causing the metal membrane within the ducts to expand. There may also be poorly fitted ducts, holes, or blockages. Failing to address the issue in time will result in extra wear on the AC unit and its components.
  • Poor Air Flow: Your HVAC can have reduced air flow because of a ductwork problem such as a crack, tear, or broken seal. Less air is reaching the affected vent. While disconnected or crushed vents can restrict air flow, so can debris or another blockage. Also, improperly designed ductwork with too few return vents/registers can prevent the recirculation of air.
  • Your Electricity Bill Has Spiked: A sudden increase in your electric bill can mean your AC system is working harder to compensate for a leak, blockage, or contamination. Poorly fitted ducts can lead to higher energy consumption too. Not fixing the underlying problem can also mean potentially paying for major repairs or premature replacement down the road.

Schedule AC Duct Repair Today

Our ductwork repair professionals have the expertise, tools, and techniques to reduce duct leakage to as little as much as possible. To learn more about our process, or to schedule ductwork service or an inspection, set up an appointment by call us directly at +960 7331927 or by sending an email to info@alifahi.com