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Do you need an air conditioner repair specialist?

Look no further than AliFahi Pvt Ltd for comprehensive repairs for all types of air conditioners. A poorly installed or maintained system will not provide a quality heating and cooling service. AliFahi understands our service is not a one-time occurrence. If it’s your older air conditioning system needing repair? Perhaps your new air conditioning unit is not cooperating the way you want it to? We are happy to answer your calls and come out and help Air Conditioning Repair.

Any concerns or issues dealing with air conditioner repair and maintenance can easily be rectified. Our customer service professionals are happy to help by explaining how your system works and what you need to do maintain its quality.

Air conditioner units typically last anywhere between 10-20 years. As experts in the field, we recommend a 1-2 yearly routine check-up to improve the lifespan of your heating and cooling unit to up to 10 extra years.

As a customer service focused company, we can ensure you are provided with the necessary information and end-to-end service you and your air conditioning system requires.

Rest assured, AliFahi has an expert team of qualified AC Repair professionals to assist with all general maintenance procedures relating to your AC system. Here at AliFahi, our helpful tradesmen are experienced in both new and old AC unit’s.

Our process is quick, efficient and will not incur any distractions to your resiential or commercial space. AliFahi Air Conditioning puts customer satisfaction first by understanding what our clients are looking for in tradesmen.