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Marince Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Best Marine AC repairs & marine airconditioner installations in Maldives. We help boat owners repair, replace and install boat air conditioning and marine AC systems on their yachts, safaris and other vessels. Our technicians have in depth knowledge of the Frigomar as well as many others. Whether you’ve already got an AC unit on your boat, or you’re looking into getting one installed, AliFahi is the first choice for marine air conditioning. We’ve got more than 20 years experience in Maldives, which means we know what we’re doing. Plus, we’ll come to your boat, which means no hauling or extra hassle. Just give us a call, and we’ll meet you where you’re at!

If you have questions about air conditioning marine applications, we can help you find the best marineac units and marine airconditioning designs.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning on my boat?

Costs to install air conditioners can vary A LOT. We are happy to give you an estimate based on your type of boat and configuration or come to you boat for a consultation to help spec out and price your installation. If you are looking for marine air conditioner repairs, we can also help.

When should I install a replacement marine air conditioning unit instead of repairing my boat ac system?

Most boat AC systems last 5-10 years. And, they usually cost more to fix after about 5 years than the cost of replacement. If your compressor is running AND your unit is blowing warm air, it is probably not worth fixing (refrigerant leaks are tough to find and usually indicate other problems).

Why do I need an AC unit for my boat?

Most people who are on a boat for extended periods of time, or for long days, prefer to have an AC unit on their boat for a few reasons:

It’s still hot: Even when you’re cruising in the deep water, the sun’s still beating down on you. The farther you get from land, the cooler it will get, but that doesn’t mean it will get comfortably cool. It’s only going to get cooler if you go swimming. Either way, an air conditioner will provide much needed air if you’re sitting in the sun all day. No matter where you are, it’s still going to be hot on the boat in the middle of the heat.

AC units don’t just provide cool air: Many quality marine AC units work as heaters too. With a good AC unit, you’ll be able to reverse the AC for heat instead, keeping you nice and toasty through your entire trip, rain or shine.